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Burning Token is a diverse network of professional musicians and visual artists. We create exciting videos, produce and master high fidelity audio, and design aesthetically vivid graphics and animations.

Video Production

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We here at Burning Token Media have extensive experience producing music videos, commercials, documentaries and more. We pride ourselves on having a fun, yet professional approach to all the projects we are commissioned to do.

Capturing Shows and Events

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Let our experienced camera crew capture your next live show or special event. With our cutting edge cameras and array of top-level audio recording equipment, you can be assured a professional and creative video that will sound as good as it looks.

Audio CD Mastering

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Give your album the final touch. Make it sound pro! We offer the best results at the best rates around. We have done mastering for all sorts of musical projects. From Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, to Electronic and Folk Music, we will master any project.

On Location Multitrack Recording

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We have lots of cool portable gear to capture sound outside of the studio. Want to record your band playing live? We can do that. Need to record an acoustic gig but there's no power outlet? No problem, we have battery powered gear. From symphonies, to metal bands, to the sound of a motorcycle engine, we have experience recording in all sorts of situations.

Music Production

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Burning Token Media's Big Rig Beats (AKA Damian C. Cohn) has created music and other sonic production elements for Fuel TV, the BattleBots television show and MTV. Let him throw down your next project's musical soundtrack! Click here for more.

DJ Service

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DJ otBr is an ALL REAL VINYL DJ with over 3500 LPs in his collection, featuring funk classics, hip-hop, jazz, rock, disco and '80's music, and loads of experience playing everything from New Year's Eve parties to weddings and night clubs. So, if you're located in the North Bay Area, and interested in a party DJ that plays real records and isn't just an overpriced human iPod with a microphone (don't worry, he's got one of those, and a full-on, party-rocking sound system, as well..), please get a hold of him today for an estimate http://djotbr.bandcamp.com/.